US marshals shut down unlicensed Boston radio station

US marshals have shut down an unlicensed radio station in Boston’s Grove Hall neighborhood, said Charles Clemons, the one-time mayoral candidate who is the station’s founder.

Marshals could be seen this afternoon removing items from the station, TOUCH 106.1 FM, including an antenna, a black box, and a ladder.

An emotional Clemons said that federal agents had knocked on the door of the station this morning, saying they were going to search the place and remove anything that allowed transmission of programs over the airwaves.

Clemons said the station was an important voice in the community and vowed to get it reopened.

“We will not be silenced,” he said.

A US attorney’s spokeswoman had no immediate comment on what was happening at the building, but said more information would be released this afternoon

Onlookers said they were dismayed at what was happening at the low-powered “pirate” radio station, which had made a point of serving parts of Roxbury, Dorchester, Mattapan, and Jamaica Plain.

“If this goes, we will have nothing left in the community,” said Reggie Sheffield of Mattapan. He said the radio station had helped him raise money for a funeral when his mother died.

Arthur Weeks of Roxbury said, “If you want to know what’s going on in the community, this is the only station that you can get that from. It’s a sad day.”

Listeners in the heart of Boston’s black community awoke each weekday morning to the Clemons’s soothing voice, the Globe reported in August during the mayor’s race.

Clemons told the Globe at the time that his station had filled a vacuum in the black community.

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Scientists transform flat surface into spherical antenna

According to a new report from the American Institute of Physics in Washington, D.C., researchers at Southeast University in Nanjing, China have discovered a new artificial surface that can bend and focus electromagnetic waves the same way an antenna does by depositing an assortment of tiny, metallic, U-shaped structures onto a dielectric material.

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The Clash

No not the band. Not that I mind the Clash, they have some good stuff. I mean Clash of Clans, the game.

I never have been a gamer, not even a ‘casual gamer’. I hung up my hat in the gamer word when I rolled over high score on Defender at my local arcade back in ’84. A variety of things kept me from game playing all these years, mostly saving my tendinitis ravaged hands for the day job and a complete and utter revoltion to the Farmville status updates that permeated my Facebook feed. That is, until this last week.

This last week I started playing “Clash of Clans‘. I find I cant put it down. I have been building my village for days now. No, I never joined a clan. For the first 2 weeks I just stayed to myself, mining gold and Clash-of-Clans-iOSelixir, leveling up my camp and town hall. Recently I have been “farming’ (raiding others for resources) trying to stay down in the low trophy level count.

Lot of fun. Not sure how long I’ll keep playing but for now it is my time sink.

- Grod the Dirty

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Picture 27

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Ah, camping

DSCN0114No, not Harold Camping. Tent camping. I left behind the cold, ice and winter chills for the far south. Sugarloaf key in Florida to be specific.

Did get to do a little DXing, but I have to admit I’ve spent my time walking around and exploring.  The sheer number of bars on Duvall street is unfathomable and a bit of a personal challenge.

I was able to log a couple stations on Christmas eve. Maybe I’ll hear some more in the everglades over the next few evenings.


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Whitetail, DX and the land of the never riseing sun.

I come from the land of the ice and snow, from the midnight sun where the big bucks grow.
OK, I tortured a bit of Plant and Page for that one but it eludes to the reasons of my absence of late. For several weeks unnamedfrom late September through early November the day job demands my full attention. Ten hour days, seven days a week are the norm. That leads up to the very day I start my 2 week vacation to the frozen north to chase the trophy deer. This year was succesful, not a huge buck this year, frankly I am more happy with the shot I made than the size of the rack. Perfect placement at 75 yd, off hand and on a trot (deer not me lol). I’d like to say that was all skill, but I know there was some providence intertwined in that moment.

Now I sit here two days home. The whirlwind of laundry, butchering, unpacking and countless little errands finally they-said-i-could-be-anything_o_236965complete, I can finally take a quiet breath with a fresh cup of java in hand. To my surprise I find this to be Sunday morning. For a decade this was the traditional time I would be producing the piratesweek. In the predawn darkness a few hours prior I did consider putting in the five or six hours in behind this glowing screen required to upload another show. I slowly decided against it. I haven’t turned on a radio, or logged into a pirate website in weeks. Frankly I am out of touch with the community and have no idea of the state of the hobby at this time. Perhaps after the Thanksgiving holiday I will be able to return.

I did listen to a bit of radio at deer camp. I only had my little portable and a ten feet of wire but Radio Australia sexy-times_c_2242859was always there as well as China Drive on CRI. Perhaps I will boot up the SDR today, log into  the chat rooms and start to immerse myself once again into the world of the stray frequency. Yes, dear listener the Piratesweek will return. I do have several trips planned this winter that will prevent me from producing shows. (Christmas, Winterfest, etc.) But the audio documentation of my exposure and education of the audio and electronic arts will continue.



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